Monday, November 21, 2016

Group interview with Showtimers, November 2016

Following on the interview with Showtime's driving force, Beryl Israel, this is an informal chat with some of its members. This podcast provides an interesting perspective from the group member's point of view, and just how much fulfillment they get from participating.

Check out this episode!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bowling for Seniors - Its scope and appeal

This podcast features an interview with Grant Shear, who captained the USA Bowling team in the international match held in Vancouver, in October 2016. It provides an interesting insight, both to the appeal of the sport but especially in its attraction to Seniors in terms of social interaction, and the strategy of the game, without necessitating the physical requirements of active sports. Any senior interested in taking up a sport with these features will find this interview very interesting.


Monday, September 5, 2016

SHOWTIME - An interview with this fun group's founder and director Beryl Israel - August 31, 2016

SHOWTIME was the inspiration of Beryl Israel, born in in Zimbabwe, who started her musical career in South Africa. She started many entertainment groups, comprising singers and dancers, and brought her talents with her to Vancouver, where she started Showtime - a group of enthusiastic seniors, who entertain, mainly, Seniors, with their skills and talents. They are all amateurs, but amateurs of a high caliber, and they bring joy to seniors all over Vancouver. They fill a necessary gap in the entertainment industry, as skilled amateurs who share their talents just for the fun of it - and the results prove this. Join us in this interesting interview with Beryl, where she discusses her career and how she founded Showtime

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

If you're wondering why I haven't been active on my blog site, its simply because I've been working hard starting a new business, KAZ AudioVisual Productions, which is devoted to recording the highlights in the lives of Seniors.  Have a look at my new website and you'll see what I've been doing.