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Another blog on seniors?  You're probably thinking that there are already so many out there - so what makes this one different to any of the other comprehensive sites on seniors?  Well, let me explain.

I am a senior, and, well,  as one grows older, one becomes more laid back and starts looking for an activity which one can enjoy and pursue in a relaxed atmosphere at home - at least this is what I've been thinking.  So, why a blog on seniors?  Firstly, a bit of a background.

I am by profession an electrical engineer, with extensive technical experience, including teaching information systems at the University of Cape Town, situated on the slopes of beautiful Table Mountain in South Africa which you can see in this photo. 

I am also involved in various activities at the Louis Brier Seniors Home in Vancouver. My wife, Karon, is currently the coordinator of the Jewish Seniors Alliance of Greater Vancouver, which caters to all seniors in the region, and has regular contact with them, and deals with all aspects of seniors and the issues confronting them on a daily basis. 

This puts  me in a strong position to research for appropriate material and present podcasts on all these issues, including interviews with prominent folks in this area.

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